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ADPR [AngelDust Public Relations] 1999-2011 Rest In Peace After 12 Years:

Stacy Perry has owned and run AngelDust Public Relations, better known for these past 12 years as ADPR to everyone who she has come into contact with, whether they have been Record Labels, Venues, Artists, Bands, Major Companies, Smaller Businesses or anyone in between. There is not one person she did not make sure received a business card no matter if she printed them out herself or had them printed professionally (even in between her 3 separate moves within these past 12 years).

"This is in the top 5 of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my life. There are A LOT

of very difficult things that I have gone through and most of them others know about, but actually after losing A LOT of people within my life because I wanted to stay running ADPR and busting my ass on throwing Benefits every year since 2002 [which my first one was a huge cluster f*ck, but brought in quite a bit of money for the victims of 9/11]....I can honestly state that I am feeling very much like I am losing a piece of myself at the moment. 12 years is almost 1/4 of me being born, I me, that is a pretty long time and I feel even older than I usually do, [small, quick laugh] and that is just amazing in it's own right as that is the longest I have worked, let alone owned something that has helped out others and made them happy as well as knowing I am/was doing good for others. I have been blessed with having the WWE, Nightmare Records, Mannequin Odd (when they were up and running), plus SO MANY OTHERS [Mushroomhead for donating a song for DisgraceD to sing [BWOMP, which Preist, a two man song having 1 man singing it and pulling it off......amazing] for one of the Benefits, VentanA donating for another show, Psychostick, 3 Kisses, Phestur, Autumn Motive, Whiplash, Silver Skull, Spineline [before they turned into New Asylum], Green Jelly, Neil ZaZa and SO many more that I can't even remember over the past 12 Benefits.....Just once more, THANK YOU. "

Stacy had to take a moment due to the emotions running high on this subject. Then she went on with more about how she has people she needs to thank as well as possibly curse, in which I found to be a bit funny.

"I did actually have a tear begin to stream down my cheek thinking of all the people that I have come across throughout all of this time in the music business and I mean BUSINESS as well as all the great people I have met throughout throwing the Benefits as they never had to donate, but did and have till the end. I want to give my 'Thank You's' and a few 'Curse Yous' as'll understand as you read on. First I would like to Thank the following people for standing by me for the past [whether it was 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or the full 12 years.....or the people that STILL support me for the decisions I have made with laying ADPR to rest in PEACE and believe in ME and NOT just the name of what I ran -- I have these names in no particular order, but there will be a slight explanation next to some of them, again, the ones that know how much they mean to me for what they have done will know what I speak of with the small saying--:

THANK YOU: John Gooding [Without YOU....I would of NEVER learned to swim so quickly and made it a mission to be so damn stubborn by trying to prove to you I could do this and attempt to make you proud--I also learned some times "..we can't change a table, not even with a can of paint and the courage to use the brush.."], Paul Perry [Thank you for being there with support when this began as well as Benefits & I know it wasn't easy. I just wish you could see how it all had turned out my dear ex-husband; You're a good soul, enjoy life and always know you're thought of], Chris McNutt [THANK YOU for being a TRUE music lover as well as helping with Benefits, plus everything else. You are one of the reasons that I kept going for longer than I thought I could. You have a beautiful soul and I wish that I could of given back what was given selflessly to me........As I shall with some shows coming up to you], Thank You to Jude, My Sainted Sinner and Patron Saint of Lost Causes and well as My Musician. You are a Blessing in no disguise, you have shown me that I am more than initials, I am ME and that is good enough for myself as well as the world. I NEEDED John, Paul, Chris & Jude [All Patron Saints, if you take that close look of IRONY] to show me for 12 years that I can have something so good and then make my final decision to do MORE FOR MYSELF and help others in the process [this will be explained below as I am still going to be in the "Music Business", just doing a few other things......."Go Figure"].

My other Thank You's go out to EVERY ARTIST and BAND I have been fortunate to come across and work along side with as well as assist. Everyone rocks and I am proud of each of you [Anita, Jayson, Jacki (I hope the best for you and contact me when you can), Jack, BOB A. (Mister Rock being signed and in so many different bands....YOU ARE THE TRUE ROCKER HUN AND CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING!!!!]. A few SPECIAL MENTIONS: Keith [Emotional Arsonist]; I wish you Safe Travels and when you come to the States, you better stop by to see me and I want that back stage pass, *Smile*. - Crystal Sunshine; A beauty within your own right, My Sunshine you keep making that music and I shall keep listening [as I have fallen for your great personality as well as your Nephillim Blood]. - PHESTUR; I have seen you through 3 line up changes since 2002, the first time we met [Adam H.] at the first Benefit you played [and where you set got cut by 10 minutes, but that got fixed last year] and you have kept up with me every year since as we have even co-produced Benefits together at times [remember the "This Thing Weekends"??]. Adam Hines, I am proud to know you, I am glad that even though you are not able to play the July 10th, 2011 Benefit for ADPR that you are respectful enough to at least come out and sit with me.......chill out and have a drink or 5 and be there for the last ADPR Benefit......Full Circle and "The Final Bow". Much Respect [as well as I have the ENTIRE PHESTUR COLLECTION.......THANK YOU FOR THAT AS WELL. - The Pusher; The music is good, The times have been fun, Enjoy a Black Tooth Grin, Know every tune has been [even with burnt shrimp] fun. BUSINESS AS USUAL. - HOLOPAIN; Amazing Music and Man, I am not even sure where to begin, so I will just state the obvious to me......You have been the longest distance of a friend I could of asked for. You have stood by me no matter what, you have been a true stand up person and NOT afraid to tell it like it is...well, frankly, I couldn't throw anything that far anyhow....*smile*. I am glad our friendship will last across the Ocean as well as everything else that has occurred. Without you, I don't think I could of gotten through A LOT of what I have.

The Curse: My Health As if it weren't for you, I would not have to lay my ADPR to rest in PEACE........then again the one person who is stepping out of the shadows after years of being behind the scenes and going to be running her own 'Family' based company ACPR [ANITA C.] --> Her website will be placed up when it is completed, for now just click her REVERBNATION SITE<---, - I gather my curse is your gain and FOR THAT ONLY, I AM GLAD this has occurred."

Stacy is taking another moment. Don't forget about album releases and to check out Anita C. on Reverbnation. Stacy wants you guys to go to her page and see that all the Bands and Artists that are on Stacy's Reverb page will be moving over to Anita's. To answer the question that many have asked; YES, Stacy's Reverbnation Page will STILL BE UP. This ADPR Site shall stay up for a while longer as well; Until at least January 1, 2012 so everyone can remember to go over to ACPR and read WHY ADPR is now Resting in PEACE.

"I have been asked what I am going to be doing NOW. Well, everyone seems to have forgotten a bit that since July 2009 I have been working with Metal Mare Magazine. I was awaiting their move to a new location within the same Country of Greece where they are from and now that they are re-situated, I was contacted VERY shortly ago with a request of a couple of photos and the Press/Photo Passes are being created as we speak for us [JP and I] so since we are both working with Metamare Magazine as interviewers, with our official, numbered and photo I.D.'s...we just have to wait for them to show up in the mail as well as the business cards and then we are on the way for the 'show' interviews. Now, as for all the other interviews that were done, they shall be printed in the Magazine, which can be bought as a regular Magazine or you will be able to read it online. Very nice, as I am proud of Drak for getting everything together on his end as I am seeming to get things tied up on my end. SO; If you wonder what exactly I am going to be doing now that ADPR is going to be laid to rest [in PEACE].....I am going to be doing the following & have accomplished the following;

#1 - Interviews & Photographs for Metalmare Magazine

#2 - PR for GT [Glorious Times (Death Metal Book + any other Merch that GT comes out with) - This is a favor]

#3 - PR for Gunslinger [for the UK label Flicknife, with permission from both Alan Davey (from Gunslinger) & the Owner of Flicknife Records.

#4 - Updating My Autobiography

#5 - Continue with working on Publishing MY OWN BOOK OF POETRY

#6 - Continue on getting my Poetry Published by OTHER BOOKS as well as Helping Charities with my POETRY [Please contact me for the information to get a copy of the January 2011 book Poetic Voices: Healing Our World in which a proceeds of each purchase will go towards the charity, as when you contact me I will give you the ISBN # plus more information to purchase this book that my poem "Believe In Me" is published in].
#7 - Tom Haumann is Creating MY LYRICS "Love Is The Slowest Form Of Suicide" into a song on his album

#8 - Co-Write Lyrics [with JP Misery], "Love Sick Psycho" is only 1 so far we have done & more shall be

#9 - Spend more time with my friends as well as go to concerts/shows I want to see [also goes with #1]

#10 - Make sure that living each day to the fullest and in the moment is a priority to lower my stress

Sometimes it is amazing that when I sit here and type out what I REALLY want to do within this life time and how I can look back and see how many people I have lost [50% or even 80% because of working so much with ADPR], I do not regret things [as I would not be who I am today if I did regret things, BUT I do look back and KNOW that hind sight is 20/20....'thank you Megadeth] but I do wish that everyone who I have thanked in the VERY first part of everything was still with me in some form or another [Chris and Jude are exceptions as Chris is here in a supportive way of sorts and Jude is here with me until the end no matter what].

I am going to focus on the Magazine, I am going to focus on working with GT [Glorious Times] because they have been wonderful to me & I gave my word to them as friends. The same way if Alan wants me to still work with him when he hits the States, I am in for that.

Just remember; ALL BANDS and ARTISTS will be made aware of ANITA C.'s NEW WEB SITE when it is completed as Costas is kind enough to be running it just like he created ADPR's Official Site [again, many Thank You's To Him!!].
Hit ANITA C. [ACPR] up on REVERBNATION for the moment.

PLEASE be well everyone and for the moment, let me know if you have any QUESTIONS, you can still contact me at the same old EMAILS and such.

I will be giving you the New Email for Metalmare Magazine when I have it as well as the New Metalmare Site when it is finished. Again, it will be able to be ordered in print and also you'll be able to read a bit of it online as well.

Go back and re-read the list of 10 items I am going to be working on if you would like. ALSO, if you THINK I FORGOT about you and your interview OR you want to REMIND ME about your interview......EMAIL ME. It hurts no one and I am all good with it. Again, I have Alan Davey to interview plus quite a few more, like Seven Year Existence and too many to list, so just make sure that you know you have NOT been forgotten.

IF YOU HAVE A COMMENT TO MAKE ABOUT ADPR being laid to Rest in PEACE or again, anything you want to ask me......DO NOT HESITATE to ask.

IF you are an ARTIST on the 'Artist' TAB on the page, MAKE SURE you hit up ANITA C. so you can be on her page if she wants to list you. This goes for YOU ZEROKING ESPECIALLY as well as PHESTUR and anyother's that I am not aware of that have moved over onto her REVERB page.

Thank you all for 12 years of amazing and interesting shows, adventures as well as other things.

Dead Poets, Thanks for taking me to CBGB's in New York with you. I will NEVER forget that. I have the Photos from that STILL as well as THANK YOU to ELECTRIC WINGS [WEEDGE and ART who are still people in Phestur with ADAM now, that I speak with still, lol] who took me with them to NEW YORK to the Roxy to stand in line in 90 degree burning hot weather to stand in line for 9 hours just so I could hang outside while you were inside with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Best damn Road Trip!!

Good Times Guys.

NOW........I have a CD release [3-25-2011] to get ready for in a bit for DisgraceD @ The Cove for their Suicidal Teddy Bears NEW and enjoyable a FAN and not a PR Chick.

Be safe everyone and Much love to all!! A hell of a ride it has been. See you on the other side.....of the Camera, The Paper and the Stage!!"
~Stacy Perry; Interviewer and Photographer for METALMARE MAGAZINE, Published, Award Winning POET, Short story writer, PR for GT [Glorious Times; Death Metal Book], Lyric Writer "Love Is The Slowest Form Of Suicide" [for a song that Tom Haumann has arranged, as well as Musical short story inspiration for all Metal Opera Songs that Tom Haumann has written for my Short Story of "Death Took My Heart"], plus a few more things.........[ADPR as of 2012, REST IN PEACE after 12 YEARS] Breaking News:  December 2011 [Being the END, just as it Began......a FULL CIRCLE; " The Final Bow"]






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