ADAM HINES [Front man of the Cleveland Band; Phestur] would like to help YOUR Band out by duplicating CD's, Laser them, Taking the cover that you create and printing everything as YOU want it out and putting together a nice disc for you at VERY reasonable prices. If you order in bulk, the price gets CHEAPER!! An example would be 800 Discs = $2 per disc to put EVERYTHING together, even with a nice laser writing on your disc instead of the paper that might peal, the laser lasts forever guys, Make sure YOU SPEAK WITH HIM or ADPR [as we can get your message to him rather quickly] for the best price on quality discs.

Avelina De Moray :                                                                                                Besides being the Lead Vocalist of  As Angels Bleed,Avelina is an incredibly talented Event Photographer and Visual Artist.Enter her world of dark passions at her site HERE!

Blood And Guts Productions :                                                                                Blood And Guts Productions,is an uprising Independent Film Company, specialized in Horror Films and who ADPR is more then happy to support. In future endeavors you will catch opportunities from this company and ADPR hopes you take them. They are usually looking for extras [and to those of you who are supposed to be in a film of theirs.....BRAD CASE is who you need to contact due to them working on A LOT of projects]. PUZZLED is the newer venture that ADPR has 'backed' for them. You can view trailers of their films HERE, IF you're of LEGAL AGE - otherwise PLEASE DON'T as the graphics are not for the weak of stomach or a young, impressionable aged person. Please,note that we have no means of knowing who's watching what-or what is considered Legal Age in your State or Country-but being over 18,will do the trick:-).

FEARSHOP :                                                                                                          They are the leader of online sales of heavy metal and horror merchandise, specializing in tee shirts. They carry Hundreds of Bands and Thousands of Shirts. All shirts are in stock and ship the same week that your order is placed.Visit them HERE or HERE!

GUITAR SHACK :                                                                                                  Guitar Shack is a cool little shop in Streetsboro, Ohio,that believes in PERSONAL customer service! You can sell,buy or repair guitars that other shops don't care,or dare!Call 330.626.5755 or visit

JASON from ROCKZONE is a journalist and friend that shares music news with ADPR.

MANNEQUIN ODD PRODUCTIONS,is a company that can take over all the stages of a cd album production.From recording and mastering,to cd duplication,on cd,or sleeve printing,now you can do it all,in one place and at reasonable prices.Click HERE to see photos of the facilities.

METALMARE MAGAZINE :                                                                                 Metalmare is both an on line and printed magazine.Stacy Perry is an interviewer for Metalmare magazine and has interviewed : Lita Ford (yes,the Queen herself!),Pamela Moore (mostly known as "Sister Mary" from Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime") Piggy D. about his solo project (Guitarist and Bassist,co-operated with Rob Zombie) and Sean from CAGE.

If you want to see your work promoted by Metalmare,contact Stacy and she will see what the editor says,as he has the sole responsibility for Metalmare!
Some of the interviews can be read HERE.

NIGHTMARE RECORDS :                                                                                   Created in 1990 by Lance King,as a way to bring the music of his former band GEMINI to the fans,Nightmare Records now is one of the most recognised international labels in the Metal genre,having distributed over two million albums in USA,Canada and Europe! Twenty years of producing and distributing only the highest quality Progressive and Power Metal albums,Nightmare Records' releases are definitely something to see HERE or HERE.

PIFWICK ENTERTAINMENT :                                                                                   is a great choice for hard working bands who want to get to the next level,as they have a "DYI" approach,but get the results of the "Big" companies out there.Avid supporters of the local scene and the first choice among bands and venues around USA,they're a great choice for bands that are commercially viable and ready to get to the next level or that are on the cusp and are eager to learn how to do it.

RCS delivers the highest quality equipment and services for Theaters,Events,Concerts Trade and Fashion shows and more.For 22 consecutive years,any event they handle,is perfectly executed,due to their expansive inventory and high skilled stuff.While they are NOT the average equipment rental store,there definitely is a plan for you,whether you want to cover a birthday party,or an election campaign.Click HERE and see for yourselves!

RON from CLEVELAND AUTORAMA,is an avid fan of customized vehicles,loud music and wrestling.If you're a musician,make sure to visit their site for all types of events. Ron brought in the assistance of ADPR to organize a Battle Of The Bands for the first year [March of 2010].

SPIDER WEB MUSIC is more than a shop where you can buy/sell/fix your guitars.It is an one stop destination for aspiring musicians,as they give lessons in theory,song writing,guitars,vocals and piano.Located at 8559 South St Se Warren, Ohio 44484,click HERE for directions,or call (330) 856-5509.  

VALIUM MANAGEMENT :                                                                                        Valium Management,is an Artist Promotion Company,located in Manchester,UK.With more than 7,000 Industry sources to promote their Artists to and the ability to provide airplay GLOBALLY,Valium Management is something you shoud definitely check out,if you're serious about promoting your work.


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