Benefits,Donors and People to mention


In 2002 ADPR put on their very first benefit concert for the Victims of the Tragic 9/11/01.
Stacy-who had lost friends in the attack-decided that she had to do something to honor the memory of her friends and help the families of the victims.
After contacting Mayor Bloomberg,with the help of Phantasy (Lakewood,Ohio) she organized her very first Benefit concert,raising over 2,000$ for the cause.
Since that day,Stacy promised that ADPR would organize at least one benefit each year-a promise she kept.
In 2003,the two night Benefit for Breast Cancer,was held at the Symposium in Lakewood, Ohio.
In 2004,ADPR and Adam Hines of the Phestur Band,co-organized the Benefit for Lung Cancer.
In 2005 and 2006,ADPR organized Musician's benefits,to give something back to the bands who supported ADPR's previous benefits.
In 2007 and 2008 ADPR assisted benefits organized by others,in an attempt to expand its network and offer more.
2009 was the year that the 2007 and 2008 efforts paid back,as ADPR organized 2 benefits and assisted 3 others!
Rock Across America and Dimes to Dollars were organized by ADPR and assisted ST Jude's Children's Cancer Center (twice) and the Benefit for Autism.
August 8, 2010 at The Cove ST. Judes Benefit was held and we were able to bring in 600 dollars for the kids.
In April 16, 2010,at The Cove ADPR Presented: Giving Back - The Musicians Benefit.


July 10th, 2011 at The Cove [Geneva on the Lake, Ohio] ADPR's Musicians Benefit; "The Final Bow" shall be presented as we lay ADPR to rest in peace with a great line up and games as well as raffle.
Doors open at 2:30pm and close whenever. The line up [no particular order]: Blunt Force, Slaves, Midnight Buford, Kriadiaz, Skull 'Rz Bane & DisgraceD. 

Kriadiaz is Dave Felton's Band ["Gravy" from Mushroomhead] and also Dave is the guitarist in S.O.S. a cover Band].

Come join the party as we celebrate the life of ADPR and enjoy the hell out of everything with a show that will just amaze you along with winning some real cool stuff.  Our donations for prizes has come from [15 straight benefits; WWE, Nightmare Records], Glorious Times; Death Metal Book [I have to tell you, peak at my Face Book page for the GT spread and you can see Gene Hoglan when he was younger and drumming for Death then you can see him a bit older and within a pic next to me at a Fear Factory show 6/14/2010, it is amazing to see........], ADPR is donating CD's [which are also Mannequin odd donated as well], Here Lies Another, Everyone has donated and will drop items in and even on the May 29th show when Chimaira is around [I have interviews to due, but I will be requesting a donation from them as you NEVER know what that grand prize could be guys].

$10 @ the Door to get in and if you are under 21 it is $12. PLEASE help us enjoy the end of almost 1/4 of Stacy's ADPR is going to be laid to rest and ANOTHER chapter begins...there will also be interviews done and photos taken, this will be within an article as well a published piece in Metalmare Magazine that can be purchased by anyone, so YOU COULD BE IN IT!!! There will be pictures taken all day and night. Plus the special guests roaming around.......



All the benefits were sponsored  by the following venues:
The Cove,Geneva-on-the-Lake,Ohio.                                                               
The Phantasy and The Symposium,Lakewood,Ohio.                                           
The Maple Grove,Maple Heights,Ohio.


AVELINA DE MORAY Photographer and Lead Vocalist of As Angels Bleed,donated her Art.
FEARSHOP donates Band and Horror T-Shirts almost every year.
GUITAR SHACK at Streetsboro,Ohio,has donated Guitars and Gear.
MANNEQUIN ODD PRODUCTIONS donated CD mastering,duplication and printing.
NIGHTMARE RECORDS donates dozens of CD Albums every year!
WWE (Thank you,Sue!) donates raffle items every year since 2002!                
PREMIUM TATTOOS donated gift certificates.
FED EX KINKO'S donated printed inserts.                                                       
SLAPPY'S donated T-Shirts and CD cases for benefits
The last three donors do not have a site,but STACY PERRY will be more than happy to provide additional information.

BANDS WHO DONATED (in alphabetical order)

CARBON 9 donated items and CD Albums.     
CRYSTAL SUNSHINE donated signed items. 
DARBY REDFORD donated merchandise.
DisgraceD donated items and performed special material provided by MUSHROOMHEAD.
DOPE OF GODS donated music and cash.
EMOTIONAL ARSONIST donated signed items.
HOLOPAIN donated music and cash.
LIGHT WEIGHT SLAMS donated cash.
MUSHROOMHEAD donated "BWOMP",to be performed by DisgraceD.
PHESTUR donates CD Albums and merchandise every year since 2002.
PSYCHOSTICK already donated items to be raffled at our next benefit.
PUDDLE OF MUD donated signed items.
SILVER SKULL donated signed items.
THAT DAM BAND donated cash.
VentanA donated signed items.


Lita Ford (Yes,the Queen herself!) has donated signed albums and merchandise.   
Stacy Perry (Our PR Lady!) has donated cash and raffle items.

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