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Genre: Industrial


Record Label Final Solutions Inc.

DisgraceD : A few words from Stacy Perry

The band DisgraceD was formed in 2001 and after going through a bit of a line up change, they settled on the final line up of "Preist", "Mistress", "Skitz", "Doctor Sever" and "Project M" in 2004 [with "Hexi" taking over the lights and effects in late December of 2010]. Each time that DisgraceD plays, a different show is seen visually [and I can say this due to seeing them for a year or so now] that  their music jumps out at you as well as each of the band members within their own instrumental right. A sound that creates vibrations threw your body and holds you staring in front of the stage as the smoke and lasers bring you closer to what can only be called "An Audio/Visual Orgasm",  there is a stage presence within each member of the Band [whether it is Mistress bending over backwards playing her Bass or Doctor Sever climbing the half stack to jump down upon his key board] that makes the crowd scream as well as sing along with each song they play. Then you hear the voice of "Preist" and his booming vocal tone asking the crowd if they want more and with an entranced group, everyone screams "YES" as DisgraceD as a Band and as separate Artists hold you in their Visual as well as Audio grip and no matter what you do, you can't seem to let go [ is like a train wreck only 10 times larger and there is no choice of looking away..... DISGRACED proudly uses Ibenez and esp guitars, shure mics, m-audio, roland keyboards, and pearl drums


Priest: Vocals; implanting evil thoughts

Mistress: Bass; beating slaves

Project M: Guitar; masterbation

Skitz: procusions; pain minipulation

Dr. Sever: Keyboards, orgy's, and mindgames

Ravage: lights effects, being stupid, and getting his ass kicked by little girls


Coal Chamber; Marilyn Manson; Murderdolls; NIN; Bile; Korn; Mushroomhead; Slipknot


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