Avelina De Moray : Photography/Painting.Please,click HERE to view her wonderfuly sinful art and place your orders.

Blood And Guts Productions : You can order your copy of  "Pipe Wrench" HERE and reach them for more information on their films,projects and career opportunities HERE or HERE.

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AUTUMN MOTIVE have MP3's available for downloading HERE and T-Shirts and Buttons available HERE !

CRYSTAL SUNSHINE has her album "Nephilim Blood" available for order HERE!

CMONGROOVES have "Chillin in Miami beach" and "Lucid Dreams" MP3 Albums available for downloading HERE!

D has released a self financed EP,which can be downloaded HERE! 

DARBY REDFORD have MP3's available for downloading HERE!

DSONIK have T-Shirts and Hoodies available HERE!

HEAT FROM A DEAD STAR have five releases available for order or downloading as complete albums or separate MP3's available HERE!

MAKAYLA DAWN have their "Makayla Dawn" Album,T-shirts,magnets and stickers available for order HERE !

PHESTUR have "Downtown and Underground" available for download and 4 other albums along with several EP's available for order,all af them right HERE!

REST AMONG RUINS have an online store HERE where you can buy their CD album "THE DEPTHS" and T-Shirts with the band logo,in various designs. 

SOMETHING LEFT UNSAID have great music and ultra cool T-shirts available HERE!

THE LAST ALLIANCE have regular/sleeveless T-Shirts and girl's Tank Tops available for order HERE

UNTIL RAIN have their album "Reign of Dreams" available for order HERE!

VICTORY AWAITS have 3 tracks available as FREE ringones HERE!            Beware,the ringtones are free,but the service is NOT!

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