Here at ADPR we provide the following services:

Free Services:

We here at ADPR offer a variety of services. Since we understand how true the words "Starving Musicians" are, we offer quite a few free services and only 1 paid service. Our free services are as follows:

1 - ADPR shall place your music on one of the players for the company.

2 - ADPR shall be doing an interview with you for Metalmare Magazine at one point [right now the interviews are backed up].

3 - Exposure to the world with your music. Amongst the interview being in a world wide Magazine, your music shall be recognized as well. We will be also placing your music into the "Artist/Band" of the month contest.

4 - Reverbnation / Linkedin / Naymz/ Backup ADPR Page/ OFFICIAL ADPR SITE/ Killer Tours/ Soundclic/Jamwave/ Bebo plus more pages shall be hit with your music and bio so others can know when your shows are and where to get your music from.

5 - ADPR can also provide you with a very reliable source for your next CD release as you can be referred to a professional musician who provides the CD/Covers/Case and Laser your CD as well. Just ask us for a referral.

6 - Free promotion does not truly exist anymore unless you are doing things yourself, so for a Company to do it for you....please think about that.

7 - If you have any questions on the "Free" Promotions piece, just drop a message to us to find out more information that may not be listed.

Paid Services:

There is only one paid service that ADPR provides and that is if you want all of the above PLUS your press kit sent to any record label [the price is more than fair and that shall be discussed with the Artist/Band interested, so drop a message to us] then we shall happily help you out.

AngelDust Public Relations [ADPR] has been around since 1999 with Stacy as the Owner and she is more then happy to be at the helm of this company. If you would like to speak with her in any capacity, she is available on YIM, SKYPE and by Phone/Text. Please call her [or Text her] @ [+1 U.S.A. Country Code] 440-478-2988 .Yahoo IM: [you can message her from her email] and SKYPE: angeldustpr [if you would like to speak with her on SKYPE, please contact her via phone or email to set up a time that is good for both of you as there are times that she can not get to the computer.

Thank you for everything and that goes out to the Artists and Bands as well as the Companies and  Media Affiliates as without you, there would be no one to fight for or to enjoy in a musical as well as personal sense. ADPR is improving each year; A decade and counting.

Sincerely; Stacy Perry:Owner of ADPR, Freelance Writer with Metalmare Magazine [Plus more], Freelance Soundtrack compiler For Blood and Guts Productions.



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